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Complete Guide to Online High Schools: Distance learning options for teens and adults has been drastically revised in this second edition. The book now includes almost triple the number of schools and has become the definitive work about online high schools. Written by online learning expert Thomas Nixon, it focuses on accredited online high schools and the selection process.

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Charter School fields questions from parents

The first day of school is right around the corner. One Wabash Valley community held an Enrollment Round-Up this afternoon. Dugger Union Community Schools has partnered with Indiana Cyber Charter School for the upcoming school year. Saturday … [Read More...]

Resources for Online Students, Part 1 (#OnlineLearning)

One of the great advantages of being an online student is the ability to learn from wherever you might be. One of the great disadvantages is that you must learn from wherever you might be. +++++ This article was originally written on and for … [Read More...]

NCAA, Online Schools, and K12, Inc.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, recently announced that it would no longer allow its candidates (high school student-athletes hoping to become college athletes) to use credits attained from 24 online schools. Anyone who has … [Read More...]

What’s up with NCAA and K12, Inc.?

I have received several emails asking for my take on what is happening with NCAA and K12, Inc. For those not in the know, NCAA recently announced that it would not be accepting credits from a number of K12, Inc.-affiliated schools. On Monday, I … [Read More...]

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Inspire: Idaho Connections Academy

Inspire: Idaho Connections Academy is part of the Connections Academy family of schools. It is a free online public school available to students throughout the state. Inspire: Idaho Connections Academy 600 N. Steelhead Way, Suite 164 Boise, … [Read More...]

Family worried about child’s health without virtual school

More than 600 virtual school students will learn Thursday night if they will have to find a new school. The Alexander girls, Haley, 8, and Alexis, 5, are both planning to attend Tennessee Virtual Academy (TNVA), East Tennessee's only K-8 online … [Read More...]

Extra: Illinois Virtual School looks to expand offerings

Illinois Virtual School stayed out of the fray this spring when a political fight broke out over creating a new virtual charter school in the western Chicago suburbs. Clearly, the fight wasn’t about the possibility of more online classes. Though … [Read More...]

First virtual school students AP results positive

After opening the Brandon Virtual School in the fall of 2013 the first students have moved through the online classes—with some very positive scores. The Brandon Virtual School provides a variety of online international baccalaureate courses along … [Read More...]

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