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Over the course of the last 20 years, Grace Caroline Currey has dedicated her life to acting. Originally entering the industry as a child, she’s fearlessly approached the art form and consistently showcased a natural ability to comfortably adapt to polarizing roles. Whether it be in the terrifying, horror Annabelle: Creation, or the edge-of-your-seat thriller, Fall, Grace has proved herself to be an exciting talent. However, it was in 2019 when the DC Entertainment world expanded with Shazam! That she found herself in a position where her career would reach new heights. Now the series returns with Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, where Grace takes on the identity of Mary Bromfield and her superhero alter ego Mary Marvel. With the sequel delving further into the story’s timeline, Grace unleashes the true potential of her character.

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Upon release, Shazam! received rave reviews for its unique storyline that saw a foster family of children transform from normal kids to fighting evil as six superheroes. The plot placed Mary’s brother, Billy Batson - a troubled kid who was obsessed with finding his real mother - at the forefront and finds himself to be the chosen one that inherits the powers of Shazam, before sharing them with his siblings. The characters share a wholesome connection and it effortlessly brings every child's fantasy of being a superhero to life. What it did perfectly was introduce a range of characters to the DC universe gradually, and when the scene was set, it gave them the ideal opportunity to go all out in the sequel.

“Now we can see each character's relationship to having powers, and also how they function as a group in Philadelphia as superheroes, and how successful or unsuccessful they've been being a bunch of kids with superpowers trying to take care of a city,” Grace says of the storyline in Shazam! Fury Of The Gods. Set two years on, the sequel is more action-packed than the first film, and sees the group defend the city from the Daughters Of Zeus. Retaining all the adolescent and often comical quirks that made the Shazam world stand alone, fans can expect the drama to be elevated tenfold.

Due to the unique nature of the Shazam! World, in both films the depiction of the characters' child and adult forms are played by separate characters. However in Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, Grace stands out as being the only actor to play both roles. This is due to Mary being a teenager and much older than the rest of the group. Because of this, the actress became a focal point on camera and was instantly recognizable throughout. Although it made for a hectic workload across the five months filming process. Even the costumes department joked Grace never left the set. “When the kids are on set, I'm on set, they leave the set, the adults come to set, I'm still on set. I was kind of there the whole time.” Grace laughs, “I found that the tones were just a little bit different with the kids. Then the adults - a brand new cast once again - and they're all playing kids as adults. So it was a funny dynamic figuring out because Mary's an adult, so it doesn't have some sort of caricature dynamic, she's just the grounded mature wise beyond her years presence.”

Although, if it wasn't for the influence of Grace’s brother Soren, she wouldn't have auditioned for the role at all. An actor in his own right, Soren told Grace that she was a spitting image of Mary’s comic book depiction and therefore she was the perfect person to bring the character to life. Inspired by the endless possibilities that come with playing a superhero, she threw herself into researching the history of the character and her place in the DC universe. Aided by her close friend and writing partner, Jeff Wong, who connected her with an associate of his that ran a comic book store, Grace soon had plenty of material at hand to get in the head of the character. “They gave me so many Mary comics.” The actress states, “I had a box of them. Before the audition, I had them all laid out. I was trying to just kind of get the common thread of who she is, and what her essence is.”

Throughout her time playing the role of Mary, Grace immersed herself in the character and soon realized they were actually very similar. Her character stands out for being the mature and smart member of the group which keeps everyone level-headed. It was a role that she fell in love with, a feeling that was emphasized when thinking about Mary’s significance. Upon her initial creation in the early 1940s, she was one of the first female superheroes created. In a sea of male protagonists, Mary paved the way for more key female figures to come through. “You’d think I would have felt the pressure. I can't put my finger on it. But it was more exciting and peaceful than scary. I got attached and I wanted it,” Claire describes, “I just felt so much respect. I'm so sentimental that I'm the kind of person that just doesn't want something to end. I got emotional when I had to take my suit off and it was my last time wearing it.”

Last year, Grace broadened her portfolio with the starring lead role of Becky in the thriller Fall. In what is a tale of survival, her character and best friend Virginia get trapped on top of a 2,000-foot-high, abandoned radio tower. Avid rock climbers and thrill seekers - up until Becky faces a traumatic experience - the experience goes horribly wrong and they’re left fighting for their lives. The setting of the film offered the opportunity to Grace to perform her stunts, in what was a career first. It involved digging deep and utilizing all the skills she had in her locker, much of which came from her background in ballet. “It was the hardest thing I've ever done and I have so much pride in it. It's been so sweet to see people respond to it so positively.” The actress proclaims, “The stunts were so mind-consuming while also having to act on top of some really heavy emotional material, I don't know what that would have been like without my ballet background. Stunts require choreography, they require a lot of physical capability. And with ballet, you have to be in control of your body.”

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Fall did a fantastic job of transmitting emotion to the viewer. Whether that be anxiety or straight-up fear of what fate awaited the characters, viewers were lurking on the edge of their seats throughout. Much of this originated from the minimal production style the film adopted, with the characters spending so much time on top of the tower, trying to escape certain death - with each minute that passed, the tension grew. The concept of the film forced Grace and co-star Virginia Gardner to push beyond their comfort zone and that effort was certainly seen in the film, which has seen huge support since release. “We're on that tower for the majority of the movie. You're just stuck and trapped and you don't know what hour it is, what day it is, where you are, emotionally, mentally.” Grace describes, “I had to really keep a thorough map of the script and my character and what events have taken place before and after each scene. It was the most physically and emotionally exhausting job I've ever done.”

Despite her growing stock as an actress and the key roles Grace has played in recent years, her career has felt like a rollercoaster ride. She entered the industry at the age of five, and with each transition from child to teenager, to adult, the feeling of progression halted. It was an indication of the competitive nature of the acting world which can be unforgiving. This feeling of stagnation discouraged Grace and instead, she found herself pouring her efforts into ballet. It was in this art form that she found enjoyment, as well as success. She competed in competitions in New York, spent a summer with the Royal Ballet, and worked her way up to level six. She developed a devoted work ethic which has since transferred to her acting career. “Each time I grew, I was starting fresh in the industry because I was kind of reintroducing myself to casting directors for different ages.” Grace explains, “If I were to sum up the majority of my experience in acting, sadly, I have felt more discouragement over that span of time than a victory. It's really only been in the last eight years that it feels like the ball has been rolling.”

Undoubtedly an actress with huge potential, Grace’s reputation only enhances with each role. The role of a superhero is one that many actors dream of playing and yet so few achieve throughout their careers. As Mary, Grace found herself immersed in a fantasy world and it wasn’t something she took for granted. As for the future, the actress is unsure of what’s to come, but she’s certain her career won’t follow a traditional path, as she proclaims: “I don't know whether my career is going to be marked by a breakthrough moment. I think it's just too much of a slow steady build and progression.” Maintaining a truly humble approach, Grace feels blessed to be in the position she is in today. After many years of feeling sombre about the acting world, she should now be full of confidence, knowing that she’s gotten to where she is today on merit, grit, and determination. We’re sure Grace Caroline Currey is a star in the making.

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MOOD Magazine |  Grace Caroline Currey (2024)
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