The Conjuring 4 Release Date Revealed For Final Mainline Horror Movie (2024)


  • The Conjuring 4 has been set for a September 5, 2025 release.
  • The next installment in the hit horror franchise will also be the final mainline movie, with Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson returning as Ed and Lorraine Warren and franchise vet Michael Chaves directing.
  • Though it will avoid potential competition from The Black Phone 2 and Mortal Kombat 2, The Conjuring 4's new release date will make for an early horror season box office battle.

With over a decade under its belt, The Conjuring 4 will bring the mainline horror franchise to a close, and the release date has now been revealed for the fourquel. Though plot details remain unknown, the final installment in the franchise will see the returns of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson and Lorraine and Ed Warren, the iconic paranormal investigators who have served as the primary thread for the majority of the interconnected universe. The Conjuring 4 will also see Michael Chaves, who helmed the previous movie and The Nun II, return to the director's chair on a script from fellow franchise vet David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick.

Variety has brought word that Warner Bros. has set The Conjuring 4 to hit theaters on September 5, 2025. The news also came as the studio also announced that Maggie Gyllenhaal's Frankenstein adaptation The Bride will be moving up by one week, now releasing at the end of September 2025 rather than the first week of October. At the time of writing, no production start date has been announced for the final Conjuring movie.

The Conjuring 4's Release Date Sets Up A Major 2025 Horror Box Office Battle

Though the past few movies have failed to top the critical heights of the first two and box office milestone of The Nun, the confirmation that The Conjuring 4 will close out the mainline franchise has still left audiences intrigued for how it will close out the series. This curiosity built even further with the prior announcement of a Conjuring TV show in development for Max, which was reported to be taking place chronologically after the events of the movies. Given the Warrens have at least another decade of cases yet to be adapted for the films, there is still plenty of narrative room for the franchise to continue.


The Conjuring Universe Complete Timeline

The Conjuring franchise's chronological timeline is different to its release order, going from The Nun's flashbacks to the Warren's final cases.

But with The Conjuring 4 now set to hit theaters in early September 2025, it not only brings with it a close to one of the biggest horror franchises yet, but also a major horror box office battle. Just a week prior to that will see the release of the next Insidious movie, while the rest of September will bring the releases of the Jordan Peele-produced thriller Him and Saw 11. With 2023 similarly having seen a heated battle between Saw X and The Exorcist: Believer, which the former won in a landslide, it will be interesting to see if the typically dominant Conjuring property comes out victorious.

Conjuring franchise creator James Wan has remained a producer on the Insidious franchise after directing the first two installments and developing the story for the second installment with longtime collaborator Leigh Whannell.

Considering no other titles have been confirmed for the future of the franchise, Warner Bros. may ultimately lean on The Conjuring 4's performance at the box office to determine where to go in the future. The Nun II did fall short of about $100 million from its predecessor, which is still the highest-grossing installment, but put the franchise back on track after the modest returns of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It following its mid-pandemic release. If the final mainline movie proves to be a hit, the studio may just look to speed up development on any lingering ideas James Wan and other creatives have.

Source: Variety

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The Conjuring 4 Release Date Revealed For Final Mainline Horror Movie (2024)
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